Our dentist will take a digital impression of your teeth to determine specific treatments that are suited to your needed care or to find the best fit for oral appliances, according to the services you are receiving. Dr. Cynthia Allen will go over this with you during a consultation at Summerhills Dental so that you understand how a digital impression will help with your treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call 702-363-8655 to get started.

Our dental office is proud to offer state-of-the-art digital scanning technology to enhance your dental experience. With our advanced digital scanner, our experienced dentist and team can capture high-quality three-dimensional images of your teeth and supporting structures effortlessly. This cutting-edge technology allows for precise diagnosis, digital modeling, and optimal treatment planning. The scanner’s ability to capture multiple images in full color enables us to differentiate between healthy and diseased tissue, paving the way for customized treatment plans. Additionally, the accurate models created through these images ensure that restorations and oral appliances fit perfectly and function effectively, improving both your oral health and smile.

To utilize this technology, our dentist or hygiene team will gently and swiftly scan the inside of your mouth using a small wand. As the wand glides over your teeth, the images are processed instantly, providing a comprehensive and highly accurate representation of your oral cavity. Plus, the images are automatically saved every few seconds, eliminating the need for additional scans. Digital impressions revolutionize the traditional process by offering a modern, efficient, and comfortable way to obtain precise molds of your mouth. Unlike traditional impressions, digital impressions do not require any messy “goop” and significantly reduce discomfort during the process. This technology is particularly beneficial for patients who easily gag. Moreover, digital impressions are less invasive and provide our dental team with exceptionally accurate results.

The advantages of our digital impression technology extend beyond convenience. These impressions can be used for creating dental restorations, such as crowns, as well as orthodontic aligners. Compared to traditional impressions, digital impressions save time, making your appointment more efficient. Furthermore, if you ever feel uncomfortable, we can quickly remove the scanner from your mouth, ensuring your utmost comfort throughout the entire process.