Our dentist may use 3D imaging/CT scanning technology with our digital scanner for your care. The three-dimensional model of your teeth will allow Dr. Cynthia Allen to determine proper treatments, such as oral appliances, and to create a specific treatment plan designed with you in mind. Call Summerhills Dental at 702-363-8655 to schedule your consultation and learn more about 3D imaging technology in Las Vegas, Nevada.

3D Imaging allows our dentist to capture highly detailed, three-dimensional images of a patient’s oral structures, including teeth, jaw, and surrounding bone. This technology utilizes cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to generate precise images that aid in diagnosis, treatment planning, and implant placement. With 3D Imaging, we can assess the quality and quantity of bone, identify abnormalities, and accurately plan complex procedures. This not only improves the accuracy and safety of dental treatments but also enhances patient communication by visualizing the condition of your oral health.

Furthermore, CT Scanning technology takes the diagnostic capabilities of 3D Imaging to the next level. This advanced imaging technique provides a detailed cross-sectional view of the patient’s oral structures, offering unparalleled accuracy and insight. CT Scans produce a series of high-resolution images that allow our dentist to evaluate the intricate details of teeth, bone density, nerves, and sinuses. With CT Scanning, we can diagnose a wide range of conditions such as impacted teeth, infections, bone fractures, and abnormalities. By utilizing these advanced technologies in our dental practice, we enhance our diagnostic accuracy, treatment outcomes, and ultimately, provide the highest level of care to our patients.