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Whether you’re missing multiple teeth or have no natural teeth left, dentures can restore your oral health and foster healthy self-esteem. Restorative dentist Cynthia Allen, DDS, and the experienced team offer many types of dentures at Summerhills Dental in Las Vegas, Nevada. From partial to implant-supported dentures, Dr. Allen and her team have the dental appliances to restore your smile. Call Summerhills Dental or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about dentures.

Dentures Q&A

What are dentures?

Dentures are replacement teeth that restore your smile and tooth function if you have missing teeth. Along with improving the appearance of your teeth, dentures support your ability to chew and speak. Dentures closely resemble your natural teeth and attach to a pink acrylic base that looks identical to your gums.

Are there different types of dentures?


Summerhills Dental offers multiple types of dentures to replace missing teeth, including:

Partial dentures


Partial dentures are ideal if you still have multiple healthy teeth. Partial dentures can replace multiple teeth at once while preserving your healthy teeth. These appliances include a pink acrylic base, but they don’t cover the roof of your mouth. Instead, a metal or ceramic framework wraps around your teeth to support partial dentures.

Full dentures


Full, or complete, dentures replace all the teeth in your mouth. Your dentist at Summerhills Dental works with you to create a set of dentures that mimics your teeth in appearance and function. These custom-made devices suction to your gums and the roof of your mouth. They include a pink base and acrylic gums to blend seamlessly with your smile.

Implant-supported dentures


Implant-supported dentures connect to dental implants. These tooth root replacements hold your dentures in place, so they feel secure and comfortable. You can speak clearly and eat your favorite foods with implant-supported dentures. Since these tooth root replacements also stimulate the bone in your jaw, you don’t have to worry about bone resorption.

What can I expect from dentures?


Dentures can take several months of planning to ensure the proper fit and appearance. Your dentist at Summerhills Dental takes a series of digital X-rays and impressions to create your custom-made dentures. They also use a wax model that you can wear before receiving your permanent dentures.


Once your dentures are ready, you visit the office for an initial fitting. If necessary, your dentist can adjust your dentures before the final fitting.

How do I care for my dentures?


Dentures can last for several years with proper care. To preserve your dentures, you should:

  • Remove and rinse your dentures after eating
  • Rinse your mouth before replacing your dentures
  • Brush your dentures twice a day
  • Soak your dentures overnight
  • Visit your dentist for regular cleanings


To learn more about dentures, call Summerhills Dental or schedule an appointment online today.