Membership Plans

No Dental Insurance? No Problem! We are excited to offer the following in-house dental plan to patients who do not have insurance.

Adult Plan
- 2 Professional dental cleanings (in the absence of periodontal disease) 
- 2 Doctor exams and 2 Emergency Exams
 - X-Rays
- 2 Oral Cancer Screenings
- 30% Off Regular Fees (excludes Orthodontic Therapy)

$280 / Year
Child Plan
- 2 Professional Dental Cleanings
- 2 Doctor exams and unlimited emergency exams
- Unlimited X-Rays
- 2 Fluoride Treatments
- 20% Off Regular Fees

$199 / Year

Key Benefits

- No Deductibles
- No Pre-Authorizations
- No Yearly Maximums
- No waiting period
- No Hidden Fees
- No exlusions for elective Care
- No Claims to File

Savings of over $250 on exams and cleanings per year!
*This program is NOT dental insurance
*Plan coverage is good for 365 days after the sign-up date *Cleanings/exams must be used within the 365 days and cannot be carried over to the next year.
*Cleanings must be a minimum of 6 months apart.
*If scheduled appointment is missed the contract will be terminated.